Zynaptiq Wormhole Audio Processor Plug in - Musikmesse 2017

Denis von Zynaptiq zeigt mir das neue Wormhole Audio Processor Plug mit dem aussergewöhnlich aber immer hochwertige Pitcheffekte möglich sind.


The key WORMHOLE features at a glance: 

  • High-quality multieffects processing ranging from the sublime to the extreme.
  • WARP spectral inversion & warping module.
  • SHIFT unique topology combined pitch-/frequency-shifting module with SMOOTH, TIGHT and two DETUNE modes.
  • Dual lush randomized hall reverbs.
  • Unique dry/wet morphing. 
  • Very wide +- 4 octaves pitch-shift and +-4000Hz frequency shift range, fully aliasing free, with 96dB/oct (!!) carrier and side-band attenuation.

> Zynatpiq Wormhole

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10.04.2017 - Special