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Das Gitarrenduell

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” Warum schleppst Du noch Möbel ? ” . Dieser Kommentar von Tom forderte Alex Buck zum ” Gitarrenduell ” heraus. Es treten die VST Stammtischler gegeneinander an um das beste Gitarrenrecording abzuliefern. Braucht man heutzutage noch einen echten Amp oder reicht auch schon ne Emulation als Plug-in oder Effektgerät ? In ca. 2 Wochen wissen wir mehr, dann präsentieren ich die Ergebnisse und das MusoTalk Publikum darf entscheiden was davon am besten klingt.


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21.04.2007 - Gitarre und Bass

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  1. #5 Skellington schrieb am 24.11.2008

    I have one pair of them. They sound very "dry" and detailed. They do not flatter or beautify in any way. No big low end of course (there is a matched subwoofer incl. amp, but it's quite expensive...).

    I'd say the Ginkos do tend to overstate the presence region (high mids). For a speaker of their size, however, they sound relatively "big".

    I have a pair of bigger HiFi loudspeakers for a second opinion, and I do like listening on those because they make the sound bigger, wider and add some "candy" to it.

    The Ginkos, on the other hand, are very honest and tell you what's there and what isn't. Due to lack of really low end, this should not be your only pair of speakers, but they are worth a try.

    The price is € 1200 / pair.
  2. #4 vivian schrieb am 10.10.2008
    are you satisfied with them?
    how much is the pair?
    cant find any info on the net.

    u should subtitle you reviews in english ;)

  3. #3 noneric schrieb am 06.10.2008
    these are GINKOS:
  4. #2 vivian schrieb am 04.10.2008
    ive been wondering what kind of neat pair of speakers you are having there sitting on your desk.

    21.04.2007 17:21
    Special - Das Gitarrenduell

    thank you
  5. #1 Tim schrieb am 31.08.2008
    bitte hört auf musik zu machen

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